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September 17th 2017

On September 17th 2017 I was honoured to guide  two 60 minute Yoga classes as part of "Yogathon for Theo." This event was hosted by the wonderful Heather at the lovely (but sadly no longer there) Frais, in Shirley.

Little Theo underwent a terrifying surgery as a newborn with 9 transfusions, 237 minutes of bypass and had not one but four massive procedures. To represent every minute that he fought, and every minute the incredible team of surgeons led by Tim Jones worked to save his life, his mum Hannah bent, stretched and posed her way through a 9.5 hour Yogathon at Frais. All donations  through sponsorship and raised on the day by donation and food/drink sold at Frais went  to  Birmingham Children's Hospital. 

Birmingham Children's hospital also attended with balloons, bears, and treats for the kids. A great day out, for a great cause, and a real demonstration of people coming together as a community to  help those in the community that need us the most!


"So we have a total...combining your generous donations and what we took at the Yogathon we have raised an incredible £3800!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It truly means the world to us to be able to continue to support Birmingham Children's Hospital!! Thank you❤️"

Hannah Hacket  (Theos  Mum)

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