Sunday 15th September 2019

For many the draw & beauty of Yin Yoga is the meditative state, stillness, mindfulness. Does this speak to you?

Come join Karine and luxuriate in the chance to slow down from what is often a very Yang (fast, strong, always on, masculine) lifestyle in our modern world. This is your opportunity to find emotional and physical balance through the practice of Yin.

Not trying to achieve but being present within whatever unfolds as an experience and holding a place of acceptance and non-judgement for that, rather than an end goal or result which we often find in more Yang, or dynamic styles of yoga.

And this is what Karine loves to share with people. If you're not sure what Yin is, or you think it’s really easy, or that it's the same as Restorative Yoga, think again. This could be the workshop for you.

You'll be exploring your 'Yin' tissues, those deeper in the body such as connective tissue, bones, ligaments and the fascia are cooler and less mobile- it is only when the muscles become quiet and more relaxed that we can strengthen those hard to reach areas.

Expect long-held poses with no active contraction of the muscles- for periods of 3 minutes or more.

The Equinox and Full Moon beautifully tie into this time of year, with thoughts of a new cycle of nature & perhaps life itself. This is a time of equanimity & equal balance. A time for reflection and gratitude, as well as moving forward.

Come with an open mind, and expect to leave feeling deeply open and wonderfully relaxed.

Yin Workshop Poster.png

Cost: £35/£30 Early Bird if booked by 15 Aug. 2019.

BOOK & PAY using the MindBody App by clicking the link below.

Select the "WORKSHOPS" tab and "Barefoot Yoga Kings Heath" from the drop down menu  top right of the page.


Alternatively you can call  the studio on  0121 444 4656 or pop into the studio at 3B Drayton Road, Kings Heath.


I hope to see you there!

Namaste x

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