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What to expect from a class?

Whilst I remain true to the traditional roots of Yoga, combining physical  practice with other elements of the Eight Limbs of Yoga and a philosophical approach, I also incorporate somatic movement and encourage  freedom and exploration of mind, body & soul - both on and off the mat.

 Many elements of my various training and qualifications are intertwined within my classes, as well as offering longer and more in depth workshop experiences open to all.

We can read into an assigned label for a class, or a "style" of Yoga that is referred to (often referring to the lineage), and I often get asked what type of Yoga I teach.

The answer in its simplest form is essentially what I teach is  just Yoga. 

Movement and exploration of body, stillness of mind - greater connection to self.

For more information about specific class "styles", click here.

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