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October 2018

As part of University of Birmingham's 'Support Week - Physical Health & Wellbeing Day', UoB Yoga Society joined forces with Beat UoB. Beat UoB is a campaigning and fundraising society for Beat - the UK's largest eating disorder charity.


I had the honour of guiding a 75 minute Yoga fusion class where all proceeds were donated to Beat. The wonderful committee members also came along to the class and told us all about themselves and the fabulous work they do!

The total raised was £115.

beat 2.jpg

Are you a student, teacher, parent, or just an individual who would like to chat about how Yoga can be beneficial to physical and emotional health?


Do you have an idea or venue for a charity or University workshop or event?

Would you like to collaborate on an event or course?


Get in touch by clicking the link below- I would love to hear from you! 

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