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University can be  an amazingly fun experience (I should know I went)!


However, it can also be an incredibly busy and stressful time, and a time of change.


With the current circumstances, most students are learning from home and this may add additional stress and anxiety as they try to find their feet, make new friends, and balance study and home life.

Our annual Student Experience survey  shows  that almost nine in 10 (87%) of first year students find it difficult to cope with social or academic aspects of university life.

Source: Higher Education Network (

During term time, I teach weekly classes for University of Birmingham as part of the UOB Yoga Society.

These classes are aimed at getting students out of their often very busy minds, away from any past or future worries, and to be in the present moment.


Classes include Asana practice, Pranayama, relaxation and often meditation or visualisation. Many techniques can be taken off the mat to help students to be aware, and to take care of their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Classes are suitable for complete beginners & beyond.

If you are a student, teacher, mentor or even parent who would like to chat more about the benefits of a regular Yoga practice,  feel free to contact me- I would love to hear from you!

The stress of studying is a key area in which students struggle, with almost six in 10 reporting that this made it difficult for them to cope. Other troubles that featured significantly included isolation (44%), balancing work and study (37%), financial difficulties (36%) and living independently (22%).

Source: Higher Education Network (

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