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Karine is such a lovely teacher. She's warm, kind and really knowledgeable. She creates a great atmosphere in her classes. I've been doing yoga with her for a couple of years now and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Karine is an exceptional yoga teacher. Her passion, dedication and kindness shine through brightly in every class I have taken with her and I would highly recommend her teaching to all yogis and non yogis alike! No cookie cutter teaching here, Karine treats all of her students with individualistic care and attention. She is very considered and her flows get to the heart of what yoga is all about. So if you are looking for a better, more authentic connection with your body, breath, mind and spirit you will not be disappointed!

Despite my first practice under the guidance of Karine not being in the usual studio environment, the virtual practice was like being in the same room. Articulate and gracious, Karine guides you naturally and authentically throughout, you can feel her passion for yoga and it will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Birmingham Mind Yoga for Wellbeing  2018

"Excellent...can we have some more!"

"Thank you so much for the beautiful yoga sessions at St. David's. Thank you Birmingham Mind."

"An amazing class, Foyzia and Karine were wonderful and made everyone feel so relaxed and calm."

Women Only Yoga

"Really good. I like them to be different from week to week and that is  what Karine does...and also a bit more challenging every week so we can build up...Thanks."


"Beautiful, nurturing class. Karine is an absolute gem of a teacher."

Warm Beginners Yoga 

(Every Thursday at Barefoot Yoga Kings Heath)

"Fabulous class with the vibrant and energetic Karine. The warmth of the class and postures used to help extend the time in posture and ease muscles. I can definitely recommend spending an hour of your day here."

"Wonderful relaxing class with plenty of options to extend poses if you wish. Thank you."

Amazing class with Karine tonight. Very chilled out and relaxed. I fell into a deep calm almost straight away right to the end."

"A fantastic class for beginners, if you're thinking of booking this class...do it."

"Really relaxing and smooth guided practice. Friendly and cosy."

"Love it- pace is just right to stretch, relax and unwind at the end of the day/ week."

"I've been coming to this class regularly, its taught at a great pace, helping me to   understand the foundations of yoga. There are always options available  to take my practice further if I wish to, in a safe and supportive environment."

Yin Yoga

"Karine is a friendly and fun instructor. Nice, chilled environment. Good for winding down for the weekend!"

"So relaxing, but also a proper stretch!"


University Yoga

(Wednesday's during term time & special events)

"Karine is great!! There's such a lovely, nonjudgmental atmosphere in Wednesday classes."

UoB Yoga Society Student, February 2019.

"Karine provides a wonderful yoga session which always helps to realign my mind, often after a very hard day at Uni. It's a really nice blend of workout/ relax with such a soothing ambience. A great way to start the week off on a Monday evening."

Alice, BCU  Yoga Society President, December 2018.

"We are from the University of Birmingham Yoga Society and hired Karine to teach our Wednesday morning class at the Guild of Students and she has been a huge success with our members! Karine is extremely easy to talk to and approachable, she makes you feel comfortable and right at home in her classes. Stress relief is extremely important for our members which are either students or members of staff at the university and her classes are perfect for this. She explains each posture very well with different variations with the option to push yourself that little bit further or to stay where it feels comfortable, with each class focusing on a different area of the body. We have only had Karine since mid October but she is already a real asset to our society and would definitely recommend!"

Ellie, UOB Yoga Society President, Nov 2017.

"Thank you so much for coming and running the sessions, it was the perfect activity for the message of the week, and I think the students got a lot out of it!"

Hannah Davis

Student Success Advisor 

School of Architecture & Design

Private Yoga 

(Contact me to book)

"Karine is an excellent Yoga teacher. Doing a course of 10 Yoga sessions started my Yoga practice off really  well. This got me into a great routine. I feel confident now in  group classes. I'm really pleased with my progression as she is a fabulous teacher."

Sarah, May 2018.

Corporate Yoga

(Contact me to book)

"Karine seems to have mastered the art of stress relief, her soothing voice and relaxed teaching style allows you to forget about your hectic working day and anything else that might be plaguing your mind. Lunchtime sessions ensure you go back to work feeling recharged and able to tackle anything the rest of the day may throw at you."

"Starting as a complete Yoga beginner in 2018 I was a little dubious about it, having tried it when I was younger. Back then I saw it as stretching and lying still.  How wrong I was! It was more strenuous than I thought it would be, but gradually I have started to see a difference in flexibility and the benefits have been truly life enhancing. I would recommend to anyone who is stressed out (at work or at home), wants to increase flexibility and/or lose weight or feels like they need to release some energy."

"When I started Yoga in September I was  looking forward to trying a new experience. It is a lot of stretching, balancing and intermittent  cool down phases. Some of the positions are challenging  but you get out what you put in, there's also no pressure  to push yourself if you're not that way inclined. I do have a warm feeling following the sessions and have seen a difference in flexibility.

Breathing exercises help in  remaining chilled in frustrating situations. The Yoga instructor Karine is excellent and very welcoming.; I would definitely recommend it. 

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