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Spring cleaning isn’t just for your wardrobe or home, it is an amazing practice for mind, body and soul too!

It is also the perfect time to awaken or re-awaken our intentions.

Join me for this workshop where we will breathe, believe, and receive.

Working with the natural rhythm of nature and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, we will stimulate the liver and gall bladder meridians (energy lines) with a peaceful and patient Yin Yoga practice.

Followed by a special Spring awakening Yoga Nidra to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to receive love, light, and laughter in the coming months!

This workshop is suitable for all who are comfortable with a mat based Yoga practice. You can always bring a chair or use your bed/ sofa for extra support if this works for you (but please bear in mind this is not a chair Yoga specific practice).

Yoga Nidra only requires that you lie down (or sit down), get super comfy and snuggly, and be guided by the sound of my voice- there is no physical movement involved.

If you are pregnant or are still breast-feeding, then please do drop me an email over for a quick chat before booking.

If you have any injuries or limitations please feel free to contact me, and pop these on the booking form.

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