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I have created a resources part of my website available to all, and hopefully you will find something of interest or inspiration.


Whether you are looking for simple but nourishing and delicious (vegan) recipes, or a Yoga teacher looking for some class inspiration- sequencing, music, dharma talks.

(Please be mindful to give credit where credit is due, and of the difference between being inspired/ using something as a source, and directly copying. After all one of our Yogic principles is Asteya- non stealing)!


There will also be links to interesting articles to read about all things Yoga, wellbeing, holistic health, creativity.

In addition to this I will be featuring individuals, groups, projects who not only offer their wonderful services to others, and align with the ethos and authenticity of YOGAnnick, but who are in general fabulous humans and feel they have something to share in this Sangha (community) space.

If you feel you have something in alignment with YOGAnnick and would like to be featured on the website please contact me by clicking the button below.

Head over to the drop down menu and check out the resources available. They will be updated regularly, and if there is anything specific you would like to see then just let me know by clicking the button above.

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