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Yoga off the mat.

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Maybe you’ve heard of the more common benefits of a regular #yoga practice; improved flexibility, weight loss, better breathing- but what other benefits does it have that you might not have considered?

Yoga is much more than some physical movements and #breathing on a mat, and you might have started to, or start to notice how a regular practice can have a #positive impact in different ways in your everyday life off the mat. 

1. Perspective! Taking that time out to yourself, to just stop, breathe, and be aware can help to put things into #perspective. Maybe that issue that you thought was huge and you’ve been going over and over in your head or chewing peoples ears off about isn’t so huge and you can approach it with a more #calm and #mindful manner? Yoga can’t solve all our #life issues, but it can help us to clear the mind and be calmer in the way we deal with difficulties if and when they do arise. 

2. Less Complaining!  Let’s be real- complaining takes up sooooo much time and #energy- it literally wears you out (and those you complain to)! Whether it’s work, #relationships, family- complaining can help to get things off your chest, but going on and on is really not a good use of your energy! Yoga can make you more aware of how you use your energy (physically and emotionally), and to take a step back and think before you start to complain and consider whether that really is a useful way to use your energy. Chances are it’s a no- get yourself to a Yoga class and use it in a positive way! 

3. Reaction!  Are you a person who reacts quickly, always rushes to the finish line (whatever that may be), can be quite dramatic or make rash decisions? In some situations that’s ok, but often when faced with challenges or a bit of drama in life Yoga gives us the tools to take a step back, #breath, and be more considered and #mindful in the way we choose to respond to a person or situation. “Stuff” will always happen- that’s life. But the way we deal with situations can have a further negative impact, or a more positive one.  4. Learn to let go!  Of your day, your week, a grudge, a situation, a person- basically anything that doesn’t serve you and add value to your life at that time in a positive way.  Yoga can give us the #freedom even if it’s for the time we practice to let go and just be in the moment, and maybe after the class finishes we might find we are actually ready to let go of what we don’t want or need on a more permanent level. 

5. Community & Friendship!  Maybe through going to a class at work you get to better know fellow employees, or new ones, or even re-connect with some. Maybe it’s just a hello and a smile, or you find it opens up lines of #communication- whatever happens it’s a positive step in building a friendlier environment and #community! Outside of work maybe you try a class and connect with a new community and even make #friends. Some of my closest friends, and the most #interesting people I know I have met through practising Yoga, and we would have likely not crossed paths otherwise. 

6. Listening skills!  Do you #listen to respond or actually listen with the clear intent of just listening and taking in the information? Really think about it for a moment- there’s a big difference!  If we are honest many of us do the first. Yoga not only enhances your listening skills in a class as you listen to and make sense of instruction, but can make you aware of how to listen to what people say without wanting to rush in with a response, but hear them out first. We can stop to listen, then digest the information, and then respond accordingly.  7. Gratitude!  We take for granted the fact we wake up in our bed, eat food during the day, are able to move our bodies. Yoga can give you better body #awareness but also really make us realise how #grateful we can and should be for our bodies. We may take them for granted but they are truly incredible. Sure maybe right now in a physical way you can’t “do” certain Yoga postures but the fact you practice Yoga in itself is amazing!  Practising the attitude of #gratitude can filter into everyday life being grateful for the roof over your head, your job, the food in your belly, friends, family etc. 

All of the above can of course be linked together... Gaining perspective can help us in the way we react to a person or situations, to learn to let go of what no longer serves us. Taking the time to stop and listen can help in the way we react to people or situation, and can help to maintain and create positive #community and #friendships Practising the attitude of gratitude can help us to stop complaining, and in turn put things into perspective- and the positive cycle continues!

Until next time...


K x

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