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Updated: Apr 23, 2019

noun: blog

a regularly updated #website or web page, typically one run by an #individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Ok- great! I know exactly by definition what a #blog is. Hmmm, so all I need now is to know what to write my first blog piece about- bit more tricky than googling a definition! I must admit, as this is my first 'real' venture into #blogging (I've dabbled in the past with articles for other sites, but never for my own website), yes I 100% did google "What should I write my first blog post on?" I skim read a few bits and bobs and then just thought to myself that I would rather leave it for the moment,  than feel it was a forced post. Like other things, I hoped that I would feel #inspired, or when the moment was right I would just know.

That kinda happened. I did have an idea of what I wanted to write my first piece about, but I still held off as I wasn't 100% sure. To be honest even as I'm writing this introduction I am still pondering whether I should just make my first blog piece something more generic like "My top 5 local coffee shops" or "Yoga practice for tight hips". I am not by the way, saying there is anything wrong with either of those topics, and as a lover of #coffee and also a lover of hip openers its likely that one of those will actually be the title of blog post. Anyway, back to blog post. So yes, my pondering over this post. Well mainly I guess my concerns lie in the fact that its quite an open and #honest piece, it really was at the time I wrote it, and for me #reading it back (it is something that I wrote a while ago), it is still quite emotive.

I guess I not only had reservations about sharing this from the point of people reading, coming to conclusions, judging, or just knowing more about me than maybe I am comfortable with, but also because I don't want to sound like a Yoga cliché! You know, the people who went to Yoga to find some #spiritual #enlightenment or in search of something, whilst going through or coming out of a difficult time- but the fact is THAT IS ME! (I'm also by no means knocking anyone and their reasons for starting or continuing to practice Yoga- whatever your reason, whether just physical fitness or something deeper, good for all of you- #Yoga is literally amazing)!

So back to me being a cliché. Joking . Essentially, like many other people, I believe that Yoga finds them when maybe they need it the very most in #life, and I believe that's what happened to me. This blog post is basically about my own #personal #journey into Yoga, and was actually the first essay that I wrote as part of my 200 hour Yoga teaching training, which asked essentially why I  wanted to study Yoga  and/or become a Yoga teacher.  So basically I thought hey, maybe as that's where it all started for me that's a good place to start my blog. Who knows, but I'm going to go for it anyway!

I speak a lot to my close #friends, other teachers, and generally think a lot about #honesty and #authenticity. To me I value this so highly as a quality in humans, but also in a Yoga teacher. I guess me sharing the following words that I wrote are about me being open, honest, and hopefully coming across as the authentic person I pride myself on being. Maybe nobody will read it (congratulations if you've got this far into my ramblings), maybe loads of people will, maybe people will find it boring, maybe it will resonate with just one person. Whatever the case, that's OK. Blogging to me is just an extension of my regular daily thoughts and ramblings, in fact I'm quite sure that some of the closest people to me will be jumping for joy that I've taken to writing these down rather than boring them with them on a daily basis, ha.

In the time I've been writing this I have learnt 2 things:

1. Always click to save your blog post regularly as when the computer crashes and you think you've just lost hundreds of words you might not feel so #Zen.

2. This introduction was actually way longer than I expected, clearly showing me how much I do ramble, and therefore I'm going to end this as blog 1 (hurrah my first blog!) and continue to blog 2 with the actual intended contents for this post.

I do apologise if you've read all the way down with baited breath of something insightful and are now really disappointed. BUT hold tight as my actual intended blog post 1 is on its way to you ASAP!

Note to self: scroll back up and now change the title of this blog as it is no longer relevant.

Until next time...


K x

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