Oh Christmas Tree...

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I have to be honest, there were many years where #Christmas just really wasn’t my favourite time of year at all. Not because I’m a miserable #grinch lol, but because I worked in retail where the time off was a blink and you miss it scenario, and generally speaking with no thanks, #kindness or #compassion from many of the customers you were serving or the company you worked for.

There was another Christmas or 2 on the back of a really bad time for me personally, and thinking back I just didn’t really want to acknowledge it was any different time/ day to the next- it just all blended into one long grey period for me.

After #Yoga found me, and I decided to say bye bye to retail (though I did have a few short lived lapses and go back- one of them last year but at least this time not as the manager), Christmas seemed to become more exciting and a time to enjoy- finally!

This year has been particularly special as it’s the first year me and my partner have had our own little space to Christmassify! (legit word). Due to the nature of my job I don’t always have weekends free, and due to the nature of trying to make more of the #festive season we’ve both got lots of plans throughout December.

So late November we decided to start getting our Christmas spirit on (sorry, not sorry to those who are thinking this was way too early)! On a Saturday we were both free we went over to a place called Woods Farm in Shirley to look around an amazing Christmas shop and tree farm.

The shop was #beautiful- big enough to hold loads of treasures to spend half an hour (OK maybe 45 mins- 1 hour) looking at, and we both decided that we would like some #decorations that looked quite #natural and a little rustic. So we went with simple wooden ones- some of which were made from the off-cuts of the trees which I thought was pretty cool. Also a couple of #cute knitted decorations.

We kept it simple deciding on ones that we could pack away without major risk of breakage and also re-use. Both of us are fairly conscious of being as #ecofriendly as we can, and definitely not hoarding or buying unnecessary "things" that just take up space, or cost the earth. I loved the decorations we decided on, and priced between £1-£3 each I thought they were good value too.

After the decoration buying had finished it was time to get the tree (at first this seemed backwards but I actually think it worked as we got a tree big enough for the amount of decorations we brought). We looked round for a while and eventually decided on one that wasn't the kind where all the pines/needles would fall off too quickly, and the size was perfect for our relatively small flat. We also decided on one with roots so that we could donate it to a friend with a garden who could plant it after Christmas!

After a pit stop for some #vegan mulled #wine we got home put on a Christmas film, heated the wine, and decorated the tree- proper Christmas #vibes right there! It was #bliss! Of course I couldn't let the moment pass without a tree pose next to the #beautiful tree could I (head over to my #Instagram page @karine_annick to see)!

Naturally the tree has flashing #unicorn lights (if you know me, you know lol), and a little flashing unicorn sat under it. I think it looks lovely, though I'm sure what I have just described sounds like some peoples tacky nightmare ha! I LOVE the smell of the tree, and I also love having the #sparkly lights on when I am in at any time of day or night!

Have you got into the Christmas spirit yet? Do you have a tree or some cute decorations- I would love to hear from you! Sending sparkly Christmas (unicorn) vibes your way!

Until next time...

Namaste, K x

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