New Year, New You? STOP RIGHT THERE!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

I'm sure there will be quite a few posts along the same lines as what I am going to write, but hey ho I find it an interesting one so here's my #thoughts on it all. It's that time of year again when its all about joining the #gym, starting a new #exercise regime, eating #healthier and basically "new year, new me" kinda #vibe. Sorry but major snooze.

As you've maybe gathered I'm really not the biggest fan of this catchphrase or outlook. In fact I really dislike it. That's not to say that I am adverse to setting #goals, working towards healthier #habits both diet and exercise, and making changes that you feel will be beneficial and lead to a #happier and healthier you. On the contrary, I'm all for that. What I'm not all for however is this kind of thought process- "I'm never eating chocolate again, in fact I shall live off sea plankton as that's what the latest health craze is, and I'm going to the gym/Yoga 7 days a week, twice a day."

This approach isn't a #lifestyle, its a person who may actually go to the gym 14 times a week, but like most of us who have a job and other general life commitments, will quickly find this isn't sustainable and also completely exhausting. The same with limiting what you eat as opposed to trying to make better #choices, and experimenting with #healthier options that you haven't tried before- not a lifestyle, and in my opinion doomed to fail.

I understand why people choose the start of a New Year to make these changes, but what I don't understand is the amount of gorging that some people do before this. Kinda like "well I can't live my life the way I want to and eat what I want as of 1st January therefore I am going to consume literally everything within my reach before this." Maybe its just me but I don't get it. Do I enjoy a mix of healthy and not so healthy options at Christmas- yes. But actually I do this all year round, for me its called #balance. I don't need an excuse and don't feel it necessary to justify my consumption of #food and #drink to myself and others by saying its a special occasion. I mean LIFE is a pretty special occasion so just enjoy it all the time if you can!

I know that food is a very tricky thing for some people, and I myself have and sometimes still do have a tentative relationship with it. BUT the way that I have learnt that works for me is to not restrict myself from eating things, don't just eat certain things as they are the latest fad. I have also learnt through the study of Yoga that different foods can have a different effect on our body and mind, and it really is true "you are what you eat."

In Yogic terms there are 3 qualities of the material #world or Prakriti, called the Gunas, and these 3 qualities can also be linked to the food we eat and the effect it has on us physically and mentally. The three states are Sattva (peace, joy, calm), Rajas (restless, selfish, egotistical) and Tamas (inertia, unmotivated, sluggish).

Essentially eating sattvic foods will promote #peaceful #mind and #body, rajassic foods over stimulated and restless mind and body, and tamassic foods sluggish mind and body. (I find this topic really interesting and plan on writing a blog about the Yogic Diet in more detail, so watch this space)!

No doubt these foods and their qualities have something to do with why people feel it so necessary to start #fresh for New Year and have a health kick as they have consumed so much rajassic and tamassic food and really not enough sattvic, that the balance is completely gone and they basically feel crappy in mind and body.

I posted about "new year, new me" on my #Instagram a few days ago because a colleague and I got into a conversation about it all, and she said that she was going to hit it hard at the gym everyday and eat healthy from 1st Jan. I didn't poo poo her as of course that's great, but I did say that in my experience Yoga studios were full to the brim in January and slowly start to dwindle back to the regulars from Feb onward, as people go so hard at this "new them" they just burn out, don't have time, make excuses.

I pointed out that if she currently doesn't go to the gym or eat healthy at all why doesn't she just take it slow- make a realistic #goal for 1-2 days a week of both gym and really healthy meals and then take it from there. Progress not perfection. She basically agreed that she would be the type of person to give up, and the reason why was exactly what I had said- the all or nothing mentality.

On my Instagram post I also mentioned the whole New Year Resolution craze- you know everyone asking "oooh what are your New Year resolutions?" Me: "none." This isn't me being ignorant or awkward, its me acknowledging that for years I used to buy into this and then when I broke the resolutions or essentially failed, I felt crap! So basically I told myself (and others) often several things that I would be doing (deep down knowing these would be really hard), I didn't do them and then felt like a massive failure and also set myself up for others reminding me that I had resolved to not do/do what I currently was/ was not doing. Sorry but how silly is that.

Like I said at the beginning of this #blog I am not at all against setting goals and #intentions, making #positive changes- but lets show ourselves a little #love here and not make it a pass or fail exercise or a can have can't have one- lets just make better choices, be positive, and remember its not about striving for perfection in all areas of our lives. Just because its a New Year it doesn't mean we should resolve to change our entire #self or life- this just isn't realistic or healthy. I sum it up as don't make resolutions people- set goals and make better lifestyle choices!

Wishing you the happiest of New Year's wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing, stay safe and stay #kind (that's includes to yourself)!

Until next time...


K x

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