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Guess Who's Back...

Hiiiiiii! Ok so lets just slide very quickly past the fact my last #blog was (ahem) Dec 10 2018. Whaaaat! I was going to apologise but that's maybe a bit weird as I'm not sure anyone is really that bothered lol, and in reality Iv'e never quite got into a regular swing of blog writing... which is something I would definitely like to work on.

I mean where to even start again. What's happened this year?

I've moved house

I've left a #yoga studio

Iv'e continued working at a yoga studio

I got threatened with legal action over the accidental use of an image on my blog

I've added another 50 hours training onto my 200 by completing my #Yin TT

I've booked onto another 3 courses to complete before the end of this year (phew)

I took a mini break away to the Cotswolds in May

I've started a series of Yoga & #Creativity #Workshops in collaboration with another fabulous teacher

I've met a handful of truly amazing #women who I'm lucky enough to now call friends

I am still so #grateful for the #love and support of my partner, though this year has brought us ups and downs

And much much more. So please please don't be offended if you have factored into my #life this year in some way and not been mentioned above!

Life has continued in it's wonderful #waves of ups and downs, highs and lows. Finding moments of #balance within it all. I have delved quite deeply into some personal past #trauma, accepting on the one hand that I have come on an incredible journey to where I am now, but on the other hand there is still ongoing work to do. A work in progress.

There have been many #blessings, but as is life, also many lessons. Something I am still working on- knowing when to extend help and #kindness to others and when I should take a step back to avoid them not necessarily reciprocating the character and behaviour I have toward them.

As with last year, a few people have revealed themselves through actions this year, and whilst I try to not "hold it against" people I am perhaps cautious in my extension of kindness to them again. I am also aware that many people play a character, some are really quite good at it!

Anyhow I digress (yep some things never change)! And actually I suppose I'm not really digressing as this blog doesn't even have a specific topic. The #intention is more of a #hello and watch this space, as I hope to have some time over summer to continue working on my blogs, as well as continuing the work and direction that lights a fire in my #heart.

This year has certainly helped me to have more #clarity and #confidence on what that is and that the direction I was naturally drawn to and moving in is where my heart and true passion is. To really listen to myself and turn inward rather than outward for the guidance I need in how I can follow my path of service to others!

Until next time...

Namaste, K x

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