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Crazy Christmas!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

I can hardly believe that it's nearly #christmas Day- literally where the time has gone I have absolutely no idea, the past month has flown by in a total whirlwind! I'm aware my last #blog post was about soup, and honestly this one might not be much more #insightful. In fact maybe stop reading this now and just go make the soup- far better use of your precious time. ONLY JOKING, please carry on and read my ramblings!

So yes, Christmas, it's pretty much here and I must be honest it's come round so quickly that I haven't yet really felt very Christmassy. I'm hoping that wrapping final presents later and having a Christmas drink with my #family might get me in the spirit ready for tomorrow.

In between fracturing my foot in late November, an old knee injury playing up in response to the foot fracture, and then a nasty cold that's finally cleared, I've not had much time or #motivation for many #festive activities. I've only visited the Christmas market once, and not been able to do my usual Christmas day with my dad either.

I do most of my Christmas #shopping online as I am really not a fan of busy shopping centres at the best of times, and certainly around Christmas I can't be the only one to notice that it all seems to go a little crazy. I mean maybe there's something in those 15 ft German sausages that everyone's eating (actual plausible explanation as I'm #vegan and therefore don't partake, and do feel as if I manage to maintain a pretty #calm attitude around Christmas).

Now I mention the German sausages, is it just me or is the size of them getting bigger year on year? I saw one this year and this had nothing to do with my diet preferences but I was seriously like woahhhh is that amount of sausage in one sitting really necessary for anyone? Crazy. Anyhow, moving on from sausage talk. *sideways glance*

The few occasions I have been out and about including today, haven't helped with the Christmas spirit feeling, as people rush around buying up everything on the supermarket shelves as if we are facing some kind of impending disaster. Did I miss a memo? It is all literally a bit crazy, and I don't remember it being quite like this last year, or maybe I was just oblivious to it for some reason?

I mean I don't wanna come off sounding like a Scrooge here, as I genuinely do like Christmas, but what I like is the time spent with family, catching up with #friends, time to #relax and enjoy nice food and drink. I definitely don't enjoy the pressure of buying gifts (though I do like buying gifts for others), the crowds of people, the traffic, and the overall craziness of it all. Some people maybe need to step back and grab a bit of perspective and chill- maybe a bit of #Yoga and #mindfulness practice wouldn't go amiss?

For me it's also important to practice #gratitude, and remember that Christmas is a different and often less #joyful experience for others. So despite the craziness outside I am truly grateful to be warm inside, with my family, I am grateful for the food and drink we have, the gifts that will be given and received.

I wish you a Happy Christmas, and hope that it is one filled with much #love, #light and #laughter. Enjoy some down time, a bit of #indulgence, avoid the shops on Boxing Day, and if at any point it gets a little too much just stop and take some deep #breaths- trust me it works! I also promise I will try to write some more informative blogs going into next year, as opposed to just my general ramblings. Though if these work for you- amazing!

Until next time...


K x

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