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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Last Blog post- 2nd June 2018.

Date I started writing this- 30 June.

Date completed- tbc.

Disclaimer- this blog does feature the F-bomb several times, politely disguised with the use of *%

My very first #blog post turned out to be a post about #blogging, and I now find myself coming back to that same kinda vibe, well almost.

I see myself as a 'to do list' person- I like to be busy, I thrive off being organised and making the most of my time. Though lately I have come to realise that being busy and making good use of time are actually two very different things. Some people claim to always be busy- I think I was maybe one of those people. But I have come to be aware that often I am busy not really getting much done. Busy procrastinating maybe, or just busying myself with this and that and putting off actual important stuff that needs to be done- actual priorities shall we say (my tax return jumps straight to mind here).

Maybe we can all be a little like this, right? And its all kinda relative- as one persons definition of busy may be busy socialising or shopping, another persons definition is busy working. For the purpose of this I guess I'm referring more to the busyness of using time productively to get things done that I need to, see people that I want to- kind of like good life organisation. Ha, I don't know if I am making much sense here!

This #blog post isn't about being busy or not busy, though actually I shouldn't definitively state that as I am not really sure what this blog post is about (hence the insightful title), and with my tendency to ramble it could literally go anywhere! I'm still not even really 100% sure what this whole #blogging thing is about if I'm honest, I quite like to read blogs, and when I get going I do like to #write. But whether what I write would be the definition of a blog I'm not really sure? It often feels more like a 'Dear Diary' kind of outlet to me- which I'm not sure if anyone else enjoys reading, but I guess can be almost #therapeutic to write.

As well as a task orientated person I'm one of those people (this is the bit where I'm hoping there are others out there who do this too and I'm not alone), who can have #ideas and a-ha moments literally anytime any place, and when this happens I have learnt over time to jot them down- whether that's in my phone or in a notebook by the side of my bed.

I never used to note them down, and I'm not saying all these ideas and thoughts are actually useful or #interesting, but often I would think oh I wish I could remember those words, or that phrase or whatever it is that came to mind late last night, and often they never came back to me, so I decided to jot them down. Nowadays, since writing them down I sometimes come across them in one of many note books or post it notes, or when looking back on my phone. They either make no sense, have been used, or I think oooh yes I remember that and I am glad I saved it to come back to.

I do it with blog titles, or things I think may make interesting blogs should I say. So scrolling back through my notes section of my phone here are some that I have noted down over the past few months (and apparently have never actually come to fruition) *rolls eyes*

- Taking photos in Shavasana

- Work life balance

- What kind of Yoga do you teach?

- Songs or Yoga playlists

- Vegan recipes

- Yoga teacher or anatomy teacher?

- Yoga and social media

- Yoga and the ego

- Yoga for 'everyone'

- Mental health

- Domestic violence (my story)

I made myself a task list (standard) where I said I was going to post a blog every Friday- maybe this was a bit too #optimistic! I guess I often put myself off because sometimes I look at a potential idea and think woah that is a blog title or topic that I could literally go on and on and on about. I know I have a tendency to read posts or articles and get a bit bored and zone out or stop reading sometimes if they are very long, so I don't want to write something like that. Sometimes I think hmm is that a subject that could open up a whole can of worms- which don't get me wrong are often the best ones, but I am also aware that the #intention of my blog, or what I do for work is to empower, help, make people feel good- so I certainly wouldn't want to offend or upset anyone.

Then I think hang on, I also see what I do and share as a HUGE practice in areas like #awareness, none judgement, #acceptance, so why I am so concerned about how what I write is perceived. Its like teaching a Yoga class- do I want every single student in that room to have the most wonderful #experience (physical/emotional/spiritual) possible- of course! But am I also aware that sometimes I won't be for everyone, for whatever reason (maybe nothing even to do with me), I won't resonate that day or with certain people- yes! So maybe I should accept that I write blogs as a #freedom of #expression.

If people don't like what I say but it opens up #communication or new thoughts about a topic- that is a #positive, and also its OK if not everyone agrees or likes my blogs, like its OK in life if we don't get on or see eye to eye with everyone- that's life!

I'm not at all saying I'm going to start writing stuff with absolutely no f*%ks to give- that is not me. I give f*%ks. Which interestingly leads me onto an audio book I have been listening too (you know cos as we've discovered above I'm waaaay too busy for regular reading of books lol). But actually this is where the blog could get a bit more interesting and #enlightening (I'm talking for a matter of sentences only potentially). The book is 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*%k' by Mark Manson. As I type this I realise this could well be another blog post to tell you more about this book, but for now I will just give you the outline (and I also haven't finished it yet).

Its not about not giving a f*%k about anything, not caring and just cruising through life with indifference to everything and everyone around you- its quite the opposite. Its about giving a f*%k or more so saving them for what actually matters. Stop turning yourself inside out with worries and thoughts of anything and everything, but give your #attention (and your f*%ks) to the people and things that actually matter. It sounds easy, but its really about having #awareness and almost re training the ways in which we think, or have come accustomed to thinking, maybe by society, the people in our lives, or just through habit.