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Be More RAWR.

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I went to visit my parents in Stoke-on-Trent a couple of weekends ago, and myself, my partner and mum decided to go and have a look around Hanley, which is basically the biggest #shopping area near them. We didn't go for the shops, more so because I hadn't been there in years and was really curious as to what it was like today. Truth be told (and I'm sorry if this offends anyone, kind of), but when I left years ago to start on my #adventure into adulthood (or ageing at least shall we call it as I'm not really convinced I'm an adult tbh), it was a bit run down and not the best, I'm being majorly polite and diplomatic there!

For me it holds a special place in my heart, even though all those years ago I could not wait to leave! I grew up with that being the city centre I would go to and go shopping with my friends, my first experiences of going "night clubbing" (and some hilarious stories and memories that will stay with me forever). Anyhow, as usual I'm going off track here with a little trip down memory lane ha. The real point of this blog is to tell you about a great place where we had our breakfast/brunch- RAWR.

I wanted to check out the Cultural Quarter as my mum had said this was now a really nice and quite #funky area, and although I was dubious I have to say, I was pretty impressed. A good selection of cafes and cafe/bars including speciality ale and gin bars. Very "on trend" I thought to myself. However, I still wasn't sure if we would have much choice in terms of #vegan food, and as RAWR was the first place we looked at which had a variety of suitable options for both vegan and none vegan, we decided to play it safe and go there- and I'm really glad we did as I was super impressed!

Inside it was a simple but cool looking and clean. Think dark walls, exposed brick, plywood/chipboard, and metal kinda #vibe. We sat in a booth and browsed the menu after ordering a #coffee from the pleasant waitress. Both food and drink came pretty promptly. I opted for a favourite of smashed #avo on #sourdough or as RAWR calls it Kiss My Ass, with dukkha, rocket and a wedge of lemon. Gotta say it hit the spot. My partner (also vegan) had hickory smoked beans with parsley and lemon on garlic sourdough or Hickory Dickory Dock- which he really enjoyed. Finally my mum (none vegan) went for poached eggs on sourdough, and whilst not something that I eat now I do know a well poached egg when I see one, and there were two of them.

The prices to me were reasonable considering the quality of the food, the nice environment and good service. Our breakfast/ brunch plates costing. £4.95 / 6.95. Coffees £3-£4. The overall menu itself was really impressive, and they market themselves on the website as "the home of healthy comfort food." I've got to say I would happily go there again for breakfast/ brunch or even for lunch, as the #buddha bowl and "beet it burger" sound right up my street! In addition to this they also have an impressive cocktail menu, as well as a selection of beer, gins and wines.

Overall I have to admit I didn't expect to find somewhere that I would be so impressed with, and keen to return to. It was nice to see that during the time we were there it got progressively busier (and they also have a decent sized upstairs space as well as seating out front). My only complaint would be it could have done with some funky background music, and that would have really set the tone and made it complete. Aside from that I can't fault it though, and am looking forward to sampling more of the menu, and maybe a cheeky cocktail at some point.

RAWR Kitchen & Bar can be found in Hanley's Cultural Quarter and RAWR Cafe & Juicery at Trentham Gardens.

Or check out their website

Until next time...


K x