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May 2020

In May I held my first online Zoom workshop, a 2 hour exploration of the practice of Yin Yoga.

Whether a regular Yin Yogi, or completely new to the practice, this workshop is suitable for all.


It will offer you an introduction to the principles of Yin Yoga, an extended physical practice, mindfulness and meditation techniques and practice, and a blissful guided relaxation.


You will need a Yoga mat or towel, and if possible the below props:
2 x yoga blocks (or sturdy books, or similar)
1 x yoga strap (or scarf, dressing gown tie, or similar)
Cushions and pillows
Blanket or throw

Be creative with what you can find around your home!


Try not to eat anything around 1-1.5 hours before, and avoid stimulants (caffeine/alcohol) for this time period before too.


You may want to have a bottle or glass of water available, as despite Yin being a cooling and slow practice body heat can build up and cause us to be thirsty.


I would also advise having a bit of dark chocolate or similar to have after the practice. This helps to bring you back from your relaxed state, and ground you.


I would also advise that you have no or limited plans for the evening after, to give both your body and mind time to rest, relax, and process after the practice.


If you have any questions the please feel free to drop me a message over to


When booking, or via email please do make sure to let me know of any limitations or injuries you have, or have previously had. As I will not be in the room with you physically it is your responsibility to be very mindful of your body.


If there is anything physical, emotional, or spiritual that you would like to discuss before the practice, please email me


I cannot wait to share this amazing practice with you xx

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