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June 2020


Join me to surrender to the present moment, open your heart, honour the source of light that is the sun, but also the infinite source of light within us all.


The soothing and introspective practice of Yin Yoga invites us to balance the fiery energy of summer and the coming months.


Focusing on the heart (and large intestine) meridian lines, this extended practice will give you time and space to slow down and enjoy focusing on physical areas such as the chest, back, arms and shoulders.


Yin Yoga is a slow and mindful practice where we hold each "shape" in stillness for periods of time ranging from 3 minutes upwards.


This allows to to not only work into deeper areas and levels of the physical body, but to be present with the unfolding sensations and experiences of the mind, in a safe and supported space, with my guidance.


Yin Yoga has been a practice of healing and transformation for me personally, and I draw on all of my training and experience to offer workshops that I am truly passionate about sharing with others.


200 hour Hatha Yoga
50 hour Yin Yoga
20 hour TCM for Yoga
21 hour Yoga for Stress & Burnou

8 hour Pregnancy Yoga

40 hour Yoga Nidra

You can book your spot on my website by clicking the link here.


You will need:
A yoga mat or towel
A strap (scarf/tie/belt)
2 x brick blocks (books/cans/boxes)
1 x flat block (book)
Bolster (rolled mat/towel/blanket)
Eye pillow (flannel/fabric)


More information will be sent out in my Newsletter, plus a discount for current subscribers.

If you are not a subscriber then head over to my website and do it now, to keep up to date with all of the latest classes, workshops, events, health and well-being information!


Do let me know if you have any injuries or limitations when booking this workshop.

I hope to see you on the mat!

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