27th March 2019

As part of my passion for, and commitment to working with charities & raising awareness for mental wellbeing as well as physical, I guided a Yoga practice raising funds for Mind Charity.

This class was been organised by Tabatha at Birmingham City University (where I previously taught students weekly each Monday, and currently teach students monthly).

It was completely FREE of charge, with a suggested donation of £3.

Open to teachers & students of BCU. 

Below are some pictures  of some of the great information and ideas available on the day.

Focusing on mindfulness, helping with stress and anxiety and promoting a healthy mind, as well as body.

Are you a student, teacher, parent, or just an individual who would like to chat about how Yoga can be beneficial to physical and emotional health?


Do you have an idea or venue for a charity or University workshop or event?

Would you like to collaborate on an event or course?


Get in touch by clicking the link below- I would love to hear from you! 

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