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Part of a day event offering donation based Yoga classes to support India in their heart breaking Covid 19 crisis.

Myself, Maria (Maria Widdows Yoga) and Ruthie Thomas (Eat, Sleep, Yoga) will be offering a selection of classes.

Morning class with Maria.
Lunchtime class with me.
Evening class with Ruthie.

This 45 min Lunchtime Yoga and Relaxation Class is perfect to press pause on your busy day, give you some time to relax, reflect and reset.

A gentle Yoga suitable for complete beginners, seniors, and those who have a regular practice. Focusing on those areas that might become tight and tense from our daily routine (back, neck, shoulders).

This practice will also include a guided meditation/ Yoga Nidra, which involves no physical movement. Just grab your props, cushions and blankets and make yourself a comfy nest to rest.

Suitable for those who are comfortable practicing on a mat but you are more than welcome to join and bring a chair or practice on your sofa or bed.

Please bring Yoga blocks, a strap, cushion or pillow and a blanket (or similar household items).

You are welcome to do as much or little of the practice as you feel works for you.

Book your spot for FREE and if you are in the position to, please make a donation to Khalsa Aid via


Whether you can join the practice, whether you can donate, please do share this event to help to raise more awareness and hopefully more funds to support India.

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