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August 2018-  April 2019

Yoga is definitely not all about being able to touch your toes, and bend your body into pretzels- and working with a more gentle practice, with the option of a chair can offer a really lovely Yoga experience. 


Gentle and chair Yoga is great for those who may be completely new to Yoga, have physical limitations, and also for those who may suffer with emotional issues- which can be tiring physically.  

"Yoga for Wellbeing" classes are designed by myself to offer the options of being seated for  the  whole class, to stand and use the chair for support for part of the class, or to not use the chair at all- it is completely the participants choice.

 All classes include mindful movement, breathing and relaxation. 

The classes are also a great way for people to learn Yoga in a way that they can take to the comfort of their own home, and include calming, soothing & relaxation techniques that can also be taken away from the class into everyday life. 

These classes took place on alternate Wednesdays over the course of 2018 - 2019.


Are you a charity, carer, community project, or just an individual who would like to chat about how Yoga can be beneficial to physical and emotional health?


Do you have an idea or venue for a charity workshop or event?

Would you like to collaborate on a Yoga for Wellbeing workshop, event or course?


Get in touch by clicking the link below- I would love to hear from you! 

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