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Summer is the time of the element of Fire according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The most Yang element, a time of heightened activity and expression within the natural world, and perhaps our inner and outer worlds also.

Join me to honour the Summer Solstice with this seasonal Yoga and self care workshop, suitable for beginners and beyond!

This workshop will include a Yin Yang style Yoga practice with a focus on the heart and small intestine meridians (energy pathways) which are connected to the element of Fire and the season of Summer.

We will also explore seasonal self care ideas and practices related to Summer, and how we can better understand our connection to nature, and therefore promote a happier and healthier body, mind and soul


In TCM the heart is connected to the mind, our thoughts and emotions. We will explore some beautiful heart opening Asana as well as other practices to help us connect to ourselves and others with compassion, love and joy.

This practice is mat based but you are more than welcome to bring a chair and adapt the practice, be near to a bed or sofa for comfort as some of the practice will be floor based.

Come as you are, do what you feel is right for you, and always remember - YOUR BODY, YOUR PRACTICE!

Suitable for 14+
Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult (both paying)

This is an online workshop and you will receive the Zoom link as part of your booking confirmation.

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