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As a survivor of domestic violence myself- both physical and emotional, a part of which is now becoming wider known and labelled as "coercive control", I am HUGELY passionate about this topic.

Information, sharing personal experience and encouragement for others to speak out (to the right and trusted people) is so important.

This space is dedicated to sharing experiences, information, links, resources, awareness of Domestic Violence. Much of this information may be in regards to female statistics, experiences, survivors as this is my personal experience, but I would also love for men who have experience or information to share to contact me.


It is important to remember that domestic violence, despite being statistically higher in females (as victim/ survivor), is something that can and does affect us all, no matter what gender/ gender association we are. 

I  feel it is super important to mention here, that I personally feel, in what can be a life threatening situation for a woman (or man) that information shared is supported by either personal experience and/ or some dedicated training, in order to have some grounding & understanding of the complexity of the situation.

Due to the incredibly sensitive nature of domestic violence relationships, I feel it is also important to stress how dangerous it can be for the victim, who is more often than not very confused and vulnerable to see advice or comparisons of other relationships (abusive or none abusive), which although can be said and shared in an effort to support and help, is often more detrimental.

Words are incredibly powerful, as is advice. As a DV (domestic violence) mentor, guidance is preferable to direct advice, listening is key, acknowledging a person's experiences/ emotions/ situation as their own, and building a relationship based on trust and empowering them to take back control in a way that is safe for them if they are in the midst of the relationship, is absolutely imperative. 

If you are experiencing something within a relationship that you think might be domestic violence (remember this is not just defined by physical abuse), or even if you are not sure but something feels wrong, then please reach out to someone you trust, or contact one of the services below.

Also remember that domestic abuse is not just a situation with a partner, but can also be a family member or carer.

If you have any useful numbers and services that you feel should be added to the list below please do get in touch via the contact page.

Women’s Aid Domestic Violence Helpline

0808 2000 247

Free 24-hour national helpline run by Women’s Aid and Refuge.

Birmingham & Solihill Women's Aid

0808 800 0028

Textline: 18001 0808800 0028

Anawim (Birmingham)

0121 440 5296

The Jan Foundation (Birmingham)

0121 604 6742

Men’s Advice Line

0808 801 0327

Confidential helpline for male victims of domestic violence and abuse.


National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline

0800 999 5428

Emotional and practical support for LGBT+ people experiencing domestic abuse.

National Centre for Domestic Violence

0800 970 2070

An organisation that specialises in providing you with assistance to obtain emergency injunctions from being further abused.

National Stalking Helpline

0808 802 0300

Provides information and guidance on the law, how to report stalking, gathering evidence, staying safe and reducing the risk.

Victim Support

08 08 16 89 111

A charity giving free and confidential help to victims of crime, witnesses, their family and friends.

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