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This is how I am ensuring that classes are as low risk as possible for covid-19 transmission.


Yoga Classes indoors at West Heath Community Centre

Students will be positioned at least 2 metres apart.


Students will bring their own mats and props. No equipment will be provided.


Students are advised to bring their own hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser stations are available throughout the building.


Students are asked to sanitise hands on entrance and exit to the building and the hall.


Students are not required to wear a mask during the practice, however must wear a mask when entering the main building and hall, and at ALL TIMES they are not on their own Yoga mat. 


Toilets - Toilets are available at the centre, however you will need to abide by the rules of these facilities (eg. Mask wearing).


Please bring your own water bottle.


There will be NO hands on adjustments - Only verbal and visual cues.

Teacher will not leave their mat during the practice.

Numbers are limited to 14 students plus one teachers.


Everyone must book and pay in advance using the online booking system. (No drop-ins allowed under any circumstances).


Students are asked to avoid greeting each other by hugging or other physical contact. 

As this is an allowed ‘exercise’ class, once the class is over, you are required to pack up and leave the area immediately as this is then classed as a ‘social gathering’.


Classes will continue to run on the basis that everyone observes the social distancing rules. 


Karine discloses that she has not yet been vaccinated. There is no stipulation on whether or not people can attend based on vaccination status. This is personal preference.


All mats face in the same direction so that that no one is face to face with anyone else.



Where possible and dependent on weather, windows will be opened to assist with ventilation.




You must not come to the class if you, or anyone you are in close contact with, has a temperature or any possible symptoms of covid-19.


If you develop symptoms following a class, you must inform me so that track and trace measures can be taken.

If someone tests positive who has attended a class, you will receive an email from the teacher to confirm this and you will then need to follow Government guidelines.


Unless exempt, you must wear a mask whilst in any indoor areas at the centre, and whilst not on your own mat space.


Students must maintain social distance guidelines at all times.


Should the teacher be concerned about a students general health and wellbeing they may be asked politely to leave the class.



West Heath Community Centre has its own Covid 19 Risk Assessment and set of cleaning measures. Should you wish to see this please ask Karine or a member of centre staff.

If you have any questions or concerns about Covid-19 safety and procedures at my Yoga practices please drop me an email over or give me a call 07854313114.

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