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It is a firm belief of mine that Yoga is for everybody, but all styles of Yoga are not necessarily for everybody.

As a guide I want to be able to offer a variety of classes that are accessible and inclusive, where everybody can hopefully find something to suit them.

I am open and honest in my descriptions so you can have an idea of what the class or workshop will entail. 

After all, who wants to turn up to a class with the description of "Gentle Yoga" which actually involves headstands and arm balances!

I think it is important to be truthful and authentic, and as a guide I have a responsibility to others.

My classes are not about show boating my own skills, they are not always "easy" (physically / mentally), but they are steady, mindful and encourage exploration and autonomy of your own body and practice.

My classes are about YOU. I want you to enjoy the experience, be curious, have fun, feel seen and heard.

Always remember - YOUR BODY, YOUR PRACTICE!

Online Women Only Yoga

Online women only class (welcome to all who identify as female).

Moving at a mindful pace, respectful of our bodies, our breath, our mind.

This class is WOMEN ONLY to give the opportunity for those who would prefer to practice online only with women.

A nurturing, supportive and sensitive class - with a bit of warrior woman thrown in of course!

This class is designed in mind of a mat, but you are more than welcome to bring a chair, or practice on your bed or sofa.

Online Chair Yoga

A 30 minute practice suitable for all, but particularly for those who may have injuries or limitations preventing them from being able to practice mat Yoga.

Just grab yourself a chair (not on wheels and one that you can comfortably spread arms and sit in), a few Yoga props if you have them (if not household items like sturdy books, a dressing gown strap or tie and some pillows and a blanket).

This is a gentle chair Yoga practice, with mainly seated postures.

Online Yin Yang Yoga

A class offering you the best of both worlds, and the perfect wind-down into the weekend. Part Hatha based working on strength and more muscular movement (including core), part Yin Yoga focusing deeper into the body (think connective tissue, ligament, bone) and working on flexibility. Incorporating breathing techniques, mindfulness and guided relaxation to promote feelings of balance in body, mind and breath. Come along as do as much or as little as you feel is right for you, in a welcoming, friendly, and nurturing environment. This class is designed in mind of a mat, but you are more than welcome to bring a chair, or practice on your bed or sofa.

FREE Online Yoga & Relaxation (with Living Well UK)

This practice is suitable for those completely new to Yoga but also those who have practiced Yoga/ have a regular practice.

Part Yoga Fusion and part Yoga Nidra or deep relaxation, this practice has a Yang/Yin approach.

Build up some heat and internal fire with a fusion style practice, followed by a deep restful Yoga Nidra or similar relaxation.

Yoga Nidra and relaxation is suitable for all, and it only requires that you get comfortable lying down and follow the sound of the guide’s voice as you are guided into a deep state of rest. 

To book any classes and workshops just click here!

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