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I am hugely passionate about working with local, and further reaching charities, as well as individuals, carers & communities to try and share the benefits of Yoga & holistic lifestyle approaches with as many people as I can, and make this more accessible to all.

Going to a Yoga studio can be a daunting prospect, and this can be felt even more so if you have any physical limitations or are perhaps feeling vulnerable emotionally.


From personal experience I can understand this- when Yoga found me I was having a particularly difficult time emotionally, and this had also affected me physically. I backed out of going to a studio class so many times, until I eventually plucked up enough courage to go- and wow I'm glad I did!

What made a huge difference for me was how gentle, encouraging, understanding, and just genuinely nice the teachers and other people there were- and that is what I hope to share with others- a real caring, authentic and community approach!

However, I do appreciate this isn't always an option for everyone physically, emotionally, or even financially, and this is where the charity and community based classes can come in.


Often practices are Chair Yoga or a mix of chair and mat Yoga to make it as accessible as possible The sessions are most often FREE (via the wellbeing service provider), you don't need any special equipment or clothing. 

A friendly and none judgemental atmosphere welcomes you!

If you are an individual, a charity, a carer, a community  project and would like to chat further about please get in touch by clicking the link below- I would love to hear from you!


PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19 all classes are currently online.

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