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September  - December 2018

As part of my huge passion to spread Yoga, especially to those who may not for many reasons visit a gym or Yoga studio, in 2018 I started (what is now a continuing relationship) in collaboration with Birmingham Mind charity.

Each Yoga class is usually 60 minutes long with a mixture of movement, breathing,  and relaxation. Suitable for complete beginners and those who have practised Yoga before. Offering a safe space to take some time out for yourself, and learn some techniques that can also be taken off the mat in helping to deal with emotions such as anxiety and stress  in everyday life. 

With no pressure to physically participate in the whole class, and at each class a representative from Birmingham Mind available to speak to.

These classes were completely FREE to service users. To find out more or register your details call  Birmingham Mind Wellbeing Service 0121 262 3555.

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Are you a charity, carer, community project, or just an individual who would like to chat about how Yoga can be beneficial to physical and emotional health?


Do you have an idea or venue for a charity workshop or event?

Would you like to collaborate on a Yoga for Wellbeing workshop, event or course?


Get in touch by clicking the link below- I would love to hear from you! 

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